Updates >> All national parks, sanctuaries and Tiger Reserves located in Sundarban along with Safaris and Rides, if any, will be opened from 1st November, 2021.

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  • 14-11-2021

Sundarban Nature Club is a one stop sundarban tour service provider in west Bengal which was founded in 1997 by Mr. Prabir Paul. Over 19 years and decades this organization has conducted thousand tour programs and earnings lofty blessing of countless tourist. We professionally manage Sundarban Eco friendly Nature Tour for Group as well as Individuals

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  • 15-11-2021. Hamilton, Gosaba(Sundarban)and Rabindranath

Sir Daniel Mackinnon Hamilton was born on 6th December, 1860. He left for his heavenly abode on 6th December, 1939. He was a big landlord of Balkmara of Scotland and a partner of Mackinnon- Mackengie  Company. He was a member of the then Governor General Council. At the end of 19th century he took lease of three villages Gosaba, Satjelia, Rangabelia. From 1905 he cleared the Jungle  and prepared the land for agriculture and habitation. Tribal labour were brought from outside Bengal and utilized for clearing the jungle. It is only in Hamilton’s estates that no **Interim stake holders were created. There was no rural usury  and money landing traps. Mortgage interest and business of drugs were prohibited . Distribution of land was leased on an ignitable principle. Large joint peasant family would not be eligible for and more than 100 bighas. Small families would not get less than 15 bighas. He built rivers – dams, creek and drains , roads, fisheries, hat- bazaar etc. In villages there were co-operative society which rendered small and long –term agricultural loans. There  were primary schools, minor schools, students hostel, scholarship  for  education, monthly meals for students at the rate of one rupee etc. He  had established dharmagola  in various villages , which were essentially a co- operative fund of one rupee contribution. This  india- loving man was also sympathetic to Indian freedom  struggle . Indeed he wanted to raise a new man to pioneer a new India . He left Gosaba in the year 1983.

In the meantime Rabindranath came to know about this India loving man. He became impatient to get acquainted with him. In 1929 at a conference of co- operative societies at Sriniketan , he invited Hamilton and made him the chairman. They became intimate and each found a person of their own liking. Hamilton invited the poet to Sundarban .Rabindranath gracefully accepted the invitation . Four Years went by . At last the day come and on 29th December , 1932 the people of Gosaba welcome the poet with their boundless love. Hamilton had entrusted all responsibilities on Nabinbabu , the administrator of jamindars , Mahesh Roy Chowdhury. Nabinbabu’s  daughter was Shanti and son Sudhangshu. Sudhangshu composed songs and set them to tunes . He composed a song and taught his sister Shanti. The meeting was conducted in front of  the present BeconBanglow . The poet  was the chairman , and with a smile on face he heard the little girl sing.

Oh  ou the wise and venerable one

With prayer and devotion

 And in pure mind we welcome thee,

Pomp and and  grandeur we hardly need

 Humbly we offer to you on meagre deeds

Your blessing and wisdom

Your compassion

 We fervently seek.

Within two days staying , Rabindranath visited several centres of different activities towards the development of local people .  He was honoured with a high quality woollen shwal made by looms at Gosaba.

The great poet had decided that he would practise such experiences at Sreeniketan

On new year’s day 1933 , Rabindranath reached the river bank to leave Gosaba. That day the entire population of Hamilton lot ( a demarcated area ) had come to bid farewell to this wonderfully impressive man. Nothing of such Importance has ever happened in the histry of Sundarban – Gosaba .


Note : **” Interim stake – holder means sub – tenant or who tills the land in exchange of yearly revenue.”




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