Booking Policy

• In general ‘Booking’ means that any Person primarily has chosen/selected a particular “Tour Package” from several “Package Programs” then read and understood all the “Terms & Conditions & Cancellation Policies” associated with the tour itself, and being agreed with (that very “Package or Tour Program”) at last paid an amount of money as “tour cost” or “package cost”.
• Advance Booking means any one specific package, dates of touring / travelling and package tour of one place or package of some places put/ combined together.
• We follow some specific steps one by one regarding “Booking” which are shown below
1.Whatever “Tour Package” you select finally , at first for advance booking you have to pay Rs. 1000/- per person, this booking is considered as “Primary Booking”
2.To register your “Primary Booking” to “Confirm Booking” you have to pay 50% of the “Package Cost” inclusive of the Rs. 1000/- paid already. In case of “Low Cost” package, for “Confirm Booking” you have to pay minimum Rs. 2000/- per person.
3.The balance amount of a particular “Package Cost” excluding the payment for “Confirm Booking” already made, will be realized fully either on the first day of the tour or in bus or train or vessel/boat.
4.Concession or discount or exemption, if any, will be adjusted at the time of full payment.
5.For stage-wise “Booking” of any “Tour Package” a “Money Receipt” will be delivered to your end, each time any amount of money is received either in cash or by cheque or online transfer ,on our part.
6.“Final Bill” will be delivered on full payment
7.After “Primary Booking” if “Confirm Booking” is not done within the last 15 (Fifteen) to 7 (Seven) days before the date of journey, the “Primary Booking” will be treated as cancelled/void, and the amount of money whatsoever already paid for “Primary Booking” will not be refunded.

4)Your purchase or booking does not automatically guarantee a reservation. Your purchase/booking will be confirmed via email / whatsapp message/sms, within two or three business days. The cancellation will take effect once you submit your reservation. If your purchase cannot be confirmed for any reason, we will fully refund your purchase/booking money without any additional charges. We recommend all customer read and review the cancellation policy and consider purchasing a “Travel Insurance Policy”.
What can be refunded :
• The tour package maybe cancelled or dates of tour changed due to lack of optimum participation. Therefore, an alternative date may be fixed for which no extra charge will be required. This date will be communicated in advance. Even if any tourist is unwilling to tour on that fixed dates the total amount paid will be fully refunded to the affected tourist / traveler.

• If the tour is cancelled due to political disturbance, then the tour will be commenced on some other dates and Tour management/ Company will inform you well in advance. If any groups or individuals do not agree with this offer, a reasonable amount will be refunded after deducting the non refundable fixed overheads which is not more than 10% of the package cost.
What cannot be refunded
1.All hotels and tour schedules are arranged ahead of time. If any persons fail to appear on the day of departure nothing will be refunded.

2.No refund will be given for any portions of the tour unused by the travelers after tour departure regardless of circumstances.

3.Hotel extensions and instant confirmation products ( admission tickets, city passes, car booking etc.) cannot be exchanged or refunded once confirmed.