Our Story, Why Sundarban Nature Club?

Forty four years ago, way back to in 1974 seven of our friends decided to visit Sundarban. A relative of our friend lived in Rangabelia village of Gosaba. It was in winter in the month of January. We stayed there for four – five days. The hospitality of the uncle of our friend and the villagers is still vivid in our memory.
It’s the first time we come to know the peasants of village. We come to know how the people of Sundarbans in order to survive, struggle against the twin dangers of the tigers in the jungle and the crocodile in the rivers, in order to collect fish, crabs and honey. Besides there is problem of erosion of river-bunds. We realised the reality of the saying “Crocodile in the river and the Tiger on the land”.
One day we went on a trip in to the creeks of the river in a dingy plied by us. There was no iron fencing in Sajnekhali then. There was a barrier made of twigs and ropes through which we walked in to jungle. We were lucky, no accident occurred that travel in the jungle and the village, the ever smiling people of sundarban and their heartwarming hospitality we will cherish in our mind till the very end of our lives.
In time to come the love of these people and their earnest request encouraged me to launch my tours and travels in Sundarbans. That was in 27th December 1997. It was a small initiative to start with which has today grown into “Sundarban Nature Club” which enjoys the trust and confidence of thousands tourists.

Explore Sundarban Tour With Us

We never go for telling our tourists traveling sundarbans in watch tower centric superficial / casual manner. Rather we make our visitors venture into the deep parts of the jungle, through narrow creeks and channels to understand the glimpses of bio diversity of this unique forest with a thrilling sensation of possible wildlife sightings at any moment.
Trustfulness and reliability on our part with individual care taken on every tourist along with our expertise have made everybody totally satisfied. On their request and encouraging, and advices we will be conducting / operating more new package tours in other places like Bhutan, north east India, Gangasagar – Bakkhali, Sikkim, in near future / coming days.
We request you visit / travel with us without any hesitation and with full trust and dependence . At the end we say that we are ardent lover of sundarban and her people and that is why we hope that you will also fall in love with her.